We understand your concern with security and privacy. Even if our CSOS system is 100% encrypted, we know that some of you just prefer filling out the paper 222 form. No worries - this is why we offer our customer the C2 VERIFYTM service.

Have you ever experienced a delay in your controlled medication shipment? Have you ever made mistakes caused your DEA 222 Forms to be rejected? Well, the C2 VERIFY TM service is for you.

Here’s how it works:

1. Eliminate errors & send your 222 form with ease!

We have trained DEA Compliance Specialists waiting to check your 222 form before you mail it! Fax your 222 form to 866-866-7810 or email, and our DEA Compliance department will check your form for any possible errors and confirm acceptance via phone call and email within 2 hours of receipt.

2. You might be eligible for a pre-paid label!

Depending on your order, you might be eligible for a FedEx Pre-Paid label. Contact us for more information at 1-800-399-8387. Once the DEA Compliance Department gives you the green light to send your 222 form, save on postage by using an Amatheon FedEx Pre-Paid Label.

Reduce the turnaround time for your controlled medications using CSOS!



CSOS (Controlled Substance Ordering System) allows for secure electronic controlled substances orders without the supporting paper DEA Form 222. Veterinarians who are registered with CSOS can apply through the DEA to receive controlled medications, such as Morphine and Fentanyl, within 24 hours.

Prepare your veterinary practice for emergencies by registering with CSOS today.

Top 5 Reasons to Register with CSOS


Without CSOS, veterinary specialists must fill out a 222 Form and mail it to the vendor, which can take anywhere between 4-6 days. When you need veterinary emergency medicine, CSOS’ 24-hour response time can be a deciding factor in the fight for companion animal health.



Have you experienced the agony of filling out a form and sending it off, only to be told that you’d have to resubmit it because of errors? Unfortunately, vendors cannot process forms with errors. Registering with CSOS keeps your form submissions and account accurate and up-to-date.



Proper record keeping can mean the difference between having too much hydromorphone in stock and not enough oxymorphone in an emergency. Ordering through the system helps you easily keep record of your controlled substances inventory.



Reducing energy consumption not only helps the environment but also helps your practice improve its bottom line. Going paperless reduces the amount of trash you generate, saving you money on paper purchases and waste disposal.



Running a thriving practice takes incredible time, energy, and patience. Everyone knows that anything that increases their productivity by removing the hassle of time and processes is invaluable. CSOS minimizes effort and stress for today’s busiest veterinary specialists.


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