Amatheon Return and Credit Policy


Amatheon provides our customers with a generous return policy for obtaining credit or adjustment for products sold by Amatheon. Amatheon will correct all order entry and shipping errors promptly upon notification from the customer in a timely manner. 

Unless you notify Amatheon of any errors within THREE business days of your receipt of the products, the shipment is deemed to be correct. Amatheon will grant credit for returned products only if: (a) you contact Amatheon prior to the return and obtain our Return Goods Authorization (“RGA”), (b) return the product within 30 days of purchase, and return only unopened cartons. The amount of the credit shall be (a) 100% of the net purchase price for saleable products, (b) 80% of the net purchase price for controlled substances (C3 – C5) and special order products, (c) 0% for products unsuitable for resale because of age, obsolescence, expiration, or approaching expiration, and (d) a variable amount, if any, as determined by the manufacturer’s return policy for outdated and short-dated products. 

Controlled Substance Returns:Returns of Schedule 3, 3N, 4 and 5 items follow Amatheon’s general return policy as stated above. All sales of Schedule 2 and 2N Controlled Substances are final. Any products requiring a DEA Form 222 cannot be returned to Amatheon for credit. Contact your local DEA office for destruction of outdated Controlled Substance merchandise.

All returned products (whether or not authorized) become Amatheon’s property. $35 restocking fee. Returns over $350 will be charged a 15% restocking fee. Products that Amatheon authorizes to be returned will be picked up by commercial carrier. You guarantee that the products listed on the “RGA” were properly stored, handled and shipped so as to not affect quality, and that the credit will not exceed the product’s actual purchase price.

“Saleable Product” means any Product that (i) is in original, full unopened packages with seals intact, (ii) is in original condition with no defects or adulteration in packaging or labeling and has no stickers or other marking not part of the manufacturer’s original packaging, (iii) has at least 9 months dating remaining before expiration (current month plus 8 months), (iv) was properly stored and transported while in Customer’s control and packaged properly for the return shipment to prevent damage in transit, (v) complies with manufacturer’s requirements to resell Product that has been returned, (vi) was purchased by you directly from Amatheon in the ordinary course of business (e.g., not a special transaction or other sale with returns restricted), (vii) is stocked at the distribution center at the time of the return and has not been discontinued, (viii) was not designated at time of purchase as “no recourse” or “not returnable,” drop shipment, special order, deals, pre-packs or a similar designation; (ix) is not seasonal or frozen; (x) is returnable and saleable under applicable laws and regulations at the time of return, and (xi) Amatheon determines in its sole discretion, Amatheon can sell back into the marketplace after a return in the normal course of business